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Rosemary "Rosie" Patterson Braman (Mosberg)

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07/22/17 04:04 PM #1    

Don Black

Rosie did something really nice that I have never forgotten. We were in the same homeroom (alphabetically arranged). In the spring of 11th grade, my parents decided that our family would be moving to the New York City area at the end of the school year. I didn't tell many people, and I am sure that I had no reason to mention it to Rosie, but no matter - one day in homeroom that spring she volunteered to me that if I wanted a copy of the senior year yearbook (which I did) she would gladly hold my money over the summer and put in an order for me the following fall, and if I would mail her my new address she would mail the yearbook to me when they came out in the spring of 12th grade. She did all that, and more - she also included a copy of the edition of the Shakerite that listed where all of the Class of 1967 was headed after graduation. As I sat in my new town thinking back to Shaker, I really treasured receiving those items.

She perished working as a flight attendant on that TWA flight 800 to Paris which fell out of the sky in July, 1996. When I read that she was on it though she had not been scheduled to be on it, but had accepted a last-minute call to come help with such a full flight, it told me that she was still taking the extra step to help others.

Don Black

09/19/17 06:25 PM #2    

Kathleen Conway (Murray)

I have a number of great memories about Rosie.  We were friends, in sports together, and we just enjoyed hanging out sometimes.  Rosie and I both had parents that were divorced, as did Cay Young, which was unusual at the time.  We were really an early support system for one another.  I think she had counseling and shared insights with me that she had learned that I remember to this day.  So that is our beginning.  Later, we would catch up at reunions, and occasioally if she was in town.  The twentieth reunion particularly stands out. My husband was already ill, and part way through the reunion he was exhausted and wanted to go home early. I suggested that he go on home without me for I wanted to see my dear old friends, and would find a ride home later.  He wasn't too thrilled but I was adamant about it.  I ended up hanging out with Rosie the rest of the time, for hours.  We had a blast, went from group to group, then later to all the after parties at the Marriot.  It was really late when I finally left, but well worth it.  We caught up on our lives, and she was really happy, and radiant. Before the next reunion she was taken away from us in an airline crash, and when I think of it, I still feel as though the wind is knocked out of my gut. So sad that she was so young and had so much life to yet live.  So sad, however,  I am so very grateful to have had all that wonderful time with her at our 20th High School Reunion.  She will always be young, beautiful, and smiling in my thoughts and heart.

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